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Rugby Taxis - The domain name is for sale

For Sale : Domain Name - £139

Thanks for making it this far - i'm presuming you've read my blurb on the main page here?

Hopefully you're interested in buying the domain name, but you'd like to know a little more about me and this whole "domain name" thing?

About me :
My name is Jim Aitken, I am 49 years old, I am a dad & granddad and live with my wife and our 3 youngest children (all under 12 yrs) in an old cottage in the middle of woodland in Surrey, roughly halfway between London and the south coast.

I am on facebook :

My day job is selling CB Radio equipment and i have run my one-man business, Communication Eleven (, since 1996.

I got knowledgeable about domain names while learning a hard lesson - i registered a dot com domain, but in my naivety (it was 1999 and i didn't know much about the internet) i did not register the version.

A few years later, a competitor registered the version of "my" domain name, and they continue to this day to get traffic (and no doubt business) off the back of my good name and reputation in my specialised little niche of the market.

This showed me the importance of having the domain name!

Rugby Taxis - The domain name is for sale

Through the years of developing my own website, i'd learnt a bit about site development and in 2009 a friend suggested we partner up and provide websites for taxi drivers.

He was running a successful and rapidly growing taxi business, built on the back of webpage i had made for him and a domain name very similar to, but in our area, and the benefits of a website on a locally targeted domain name were totally obvious to us.

We had big ideas of building websites on high-quality domain names and renting them out, or selling them, but life got in the way, i had the first bout of a back problem which has plagued me ever since, we were both very busy with our day jobs and we just didn't find the time to make progress with it.

He dropped the domains he registered but i religiously renewed each of mine every year, still hoping to be able to develop them, but recently i've been looking at my life (yes, i've reached THAT age!) and i realise that it's unlikely i will have the time to develop them.

The CB radio market is small and business is best described as "very quiet" - i'm pretty confident i can turn this around but the remedies will take funding... it also looks like i will need a back operation that is not available through the NHS, so i need to sell my domain names... "Genuine reason for sale" !

Researching "taxi" domain name sales, most seem to be in the £300-£500 mark, but I am not going to ask anywhere near that much for any of mine, even the ones in very high population areas (and i have a few peaches) ... even these will just be a few hundred quid - i just want to get my renewal fees back and a drink for my time of ownership.

I have prevented your competitors from having this domain name for 9 years, although that might be about to change! - Buy Now

How the transfer of ownership works :
The official body which overseas all .uk domain registrations is Nominet and the transfer is done through them.

The price of the domain name includes the Nominet fee (£12) and the process couldn't be any simpler.

I just sign into my online account at Nominet, select the domain to transfer, provide the new owners contact email and make payment for the £12 transfer fee and that's my part done. Nominet will contact you to confirm the registration and once confirmed, the domain name is yours.

Some other domain names i have for sale... discounts available for multiple purchases (see all) :

The domain name is also for
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The domain name is also for

Buyers of other domains i've sold have told me it's marked a real "turning-point" for their business... "something to really build on!"

What will you do with your new domain name? :
You can choose to simply point the domain name at your present site, if you have one, or make a new page or site specifically for it (we've found this works very well, reinforcing your new brand and instantly giving you a strong local presence and importance).

There are a LOT of ways to build a page or site, many are free like Google sites or Wix, Weebly, Webnode and Site123 but also platforms like Wordpress which you can use to make a very effective website at pretty much no cost and with very little technical knowledge.

There are also paid-for solutions like and similar companies (there's quite a few!), there are even taxi booking software providers that will make you a site for free so you can use their software for taking bookings etc directly on your site - it's a win/win scenario.

How i am publicising the sale of this domain name? :
If you have 'stumbled' on this page, without having had any contact from us, you might just get in before anyone else, but I will be trying to contact all the taxi companies in the catchment area of this domain name at once - this isn't easy as some i only have addresses for, and letters are expensive to post nowadays... others i just have a mobile number, so i can text them, others i have an email address, and where i have that i am emailing.

I have over 60 'taxi' domains, so i will be going through them as i can, so i might not've had a chance to publicise this one yet

I will be trying to let everyone know at the same time, so everyone can have the chance to purchase the domain if they want it.

I'm trying to contact all the one-man firms as well as the main companies, as ideally i would like the buyer to be a small concern, which are the type of companies that stand to benefit the most from the level playing field that the internet can be (not so level - weighted in your favour, with the right domain name)

I have priced so that it's a "no brainer" and SOMEONE will buy it - i don't expect it to be available for long - Buy Now

Payment terms etc :
You can pay by BACS bank payment (contact me) as it's usually instant and there's no fees, or visit our Buy It Now page to pay with Paypal and secure the domain name immediately.

I believe i have priced my domains very cheaply... Paypal will charge me 3% of the total amount in fees, and i have added this to the payment, so i still receive the asking price.

Not many people send cash through the post, and it is only safe to do so by "Royal Mail Special Delivery", because cash & jewellery is allowed on this service (it's extremely secure and will not be delivered without a signature and identification at our end), so for anyone who wants to do this, it is an option, but please contact us first

If you don't want to Buy this domain immediately, the first thing to do is to phone or email me and we can discuss this and come to an arrangement.

As soon as someone makes contact or asks me to hold the domain for them, i will remove the option to Buy It Now, and other potential purchasers should email or telephone

Rugby Taxis - The domain name is for sale

What if more than one person wants it?
I have priced all my domains cheaply, to enable smaller concerns to obtain it if they wish, and i am aware that my prices are below 'market value' for highly descriptive and memorable domains like, and in the past i have had offers of market value (and above) for certain names.

While i would prefer to just sell it to the first person to do Buy It Now, or contact me about BACS payment, i do reserve the option to remove the Buy Now option and entertain higher offers.

In such circumstances, i would suggest we take one of following 2 courses of action...

Sealed bids - interested parties can offer what they would be prepared to pay, and the highest figure gets the name.

Public auction, either at ebay (if ebays' substantial fees are covered by the buyer) or at where fees are much less.

If it looks like this situation might occur, i will speak to everyone involved and work out a suitable plan of action - i will always try to be fair to everyone.

Thanks for reading - if you've made it this far down the page and are still interested, i really think you had better phone or email me ASAP!

Regards, Jim

Telephone : 01306-881137

Please leave a message if you get the "Communication Eleven" voicemail - that's my dayjob

Email :