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About me & the transfer process : More info - £139

Most buyers of my domains realise they need to act quickly or risk losing the domain to someone else - so you can Buy It Now through Paypal...

I believe i have priced below market value, and i'd rather not receive less than the asking price - hopefully you've read on previous pages that with the original registration, 9 renewals and the transfer fee, there's not much profit in this for me...

Paypals' fee for accepting a Buy It Now payment is 3%...

I have worked out what 3% is and have added it to the Buy It Now price - I hope that's acceptable

3% of £139 is £4.17 ... Total transaction amount : £143.17

Paypal will accept 1 payment and then disable itself - nobody else can buy it if you do

My preferred method of payment is by bank transfer, which has no fees, so you save £4.17... If you would prefer to send a bank payment, please get in touch ASAP by phone or email

Telephone : 01306-881137

Please leave a message if you get the "Communication Eleven" voicemail - that's my dayjob

Email :